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Tuna Vietnam exports to China skyrocketed

In the first eight months of the year, tuna Vietnam export value to China reached $3.6 million, up 63% over the same period last year.

This is information statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs. According to this agency, China is increasing imports of frozen tuna fillets and canned tuna from Vietnam. Among tuna Vietnam products exported to this market, frozen tuna fillets accounted for 66%; canned tuna accounted for 19%.

Tuna Vietnam export

Tuna Vietnam export to China are showing positive changes, but according to VASEP, due to the impact of the epidemic, especially the 4th outbreak of Covid-19, Vietnam’s tuna exports tend to increase. Growth slows down. Currently, tuna consumption in the Chinese market is decreasing compared to last year’s period.

VASEP said that in the coming time if the epidemic in the Mekong Delta is well controlled, the export volume to this market will continue to be maintained. Vietnam’s market share in China has increased to 7%, with more than 23 tuna processing and exporting enterprises participating in export.

Tuna Vietnam

Tuna Vietnam exports to China skyrocketed ( Source img: Nguoi Dua Tin )

China is the 13th largest tuna importer in the world. In particular, imports of skipjack, striped tuna, yellowfin, albacore, and frozen bigeye are increasing and accounting for a significant proportion.

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