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How to pick the freshest tuna from the market? Here are our tips!


Tuna, a well known food that is used in many dishes across many countries because of its delicacy and nutritiousness. But to bring out the most flavor out of the tuna, we need to know how to pick a fresh one. Today bnt-machinery.com is giving you tips to pick the freshest tuna you can find in the market!

bnt-machinery tuna

When picking a fish, people usually pay attention to the shape of it, thinking the more beautiful it is, the fresher it will be. But that is not entirely true.

Here are the details you need to focus in a tuna in order to buy a fresh one:

  • Eyes: The eyes have to be shining and clear. Sunken fish eyes is the proof of it being frozen and transported for a long time, fish meat won’t be as fresh.

  • Gills: Fresh fish will have bright red gills, meanwhile an old fish’s gills will have a dark red color or even brown.

  • Trust your own feeling: Slightly push the fish skin with your finger (best on belly part). If the fish has good resilience and bounce back when you release your finger then it’s most likely fresh.

  • Picking a fish with needles: Use needles to infiltrate the fish. The brighter red color the fresher it will be, transparent meat means it has lowered quality. If possible, use the needle to take a small bit of fish meat then scrub it with your hand. Bad fish meat leaks out juice and is very soft.

  • Specially, tunas that are fished directly out of the sea will most likely have better quality than ones that are caught with fishing nets.

bnt-machinery tuna

Easy isn’t it? Just remember the tips above and you will always be able to pick out the freshest tuna in the market and create the best dishes from it! 

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