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BNT Machinery is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying equipment and machinery for the food industry in general, especially the tuna processing industry, tuna injection machine, food & fish injection machine. With many years of experience and a team of highly skilled technicians, BNT Machinery has gradually affirmed its brand name, met production needs, and used high productivity in processing lines of tuna, swordfish, salmon as well as salmon. other meats and poultry.

Currently, BNT Machinery provides 4 main product lines: Tuna Injection Machine, Needles – Anticlog needles, Tuna Meat Separator Machine,  TS – Tasteless Smoke Generator. Highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign customers for product quality.

Potential export markets are Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan as well as advanced countries in Europe Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and America such as Brazil, Mexico … I cooperate closely with seafood business partners.

BNT Machinery products aim at intelligence, efficiency, and high precision. Helping to improve high volume production capacity, we create ground-breaking, thoroughly tested, state-of-the-art processing machinery for the food processing industry worldwide.

Wishing to optimize every process from marinating to marinating, using needles to protect fish/meat from cracking and softening and adding flavor, gas, suitable for fish sashimi such as loin tuna, salmon fillet…

With constant efforts to aim for the most perfection in all products, receive feedback from customers to improve and perfect, accompany and support from seafood and food processing businesses.

In addition, BNT Machinery wishes to cooperate, franchise products, recruit agents worldwide with preferential policies. Please contact hotline (+84) 905 361 004 for advice or see more here for more details.

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